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Pagani Zonda Cinque vs McLaren P1vs Ferrari F40: Abdul’s Garage // LTACY SPECIAL EDITION DUBAI Pt. 1

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Check out: "We had to pay CASH for this car !?"

What is going on Cupbangers!?

Today's episode is the first part of our SPECIAL EDITION release of LTACY! In this first episode, we travel to Dubai to check out one of the most epic garage's in the world! He also happens to be a great friend and member of @Cupgang! Everyone let @Azzurrodino know how badass he is...well, maybe just his cars! LOL

For more go to http://Salomondrin.com

or find me on all social media as @Salomondrin

We are @Cupgang!

1. Fire Z one by Brian Curtin
2. Awake (Instrumental) by Fox and The Law
3. The Morning Star by K Theory & Ananaki
4. Defunk & Flavours - Take You Out (Ratchet Remix) (dynamic master) by Defunk
5. Be Like (Social Kid Remix) (Instrumental) by K Theory
6. Norwegian by Kasket Club
7. DNA (Instrumental) by Lovespeake
8. Bullet Time by J.D Beatz
9. Becoming Different by Social Kid
10. What A Night by Tim Besamusca
11. Time To Go by Xample + Lomax
12. Groove by Jason L Mattia
13. Be Like (Social Kid Remix) by K Theory
14. Hip hop for movies by Fullscore
15. Appreciate by MDRN
16. Snap Ur Fingerz (Instrumental) by Armen
17. What You Want by Tenko Beats
18. Z ahra's Passion by Jason David Greenberg
19. Jerusalem by Marco Frydshou
20. Inspiration (Instrumental) by The Sound Room
21. Unprofessional by Jarkko Hietanen
22. Comical Tuba by Collin Scudder
23. Wailing Prison Walls by Vicki Hansen

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