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Dodge Ram gets Rear Ended! *Bad Redding Drivers*

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We caught this on video a couple days ago, but I have been too busy to do an upload. Thanks for watching! Please Like this video and Subscribe for more Bad Redding Drivers! Stay safe out there Redding.

I regret muting the audio from the truck accident, ill make sure to keep the original audio for you guys when I re-upload.

SONG CREDIT: Monody (Feat. Laura Brehm)- By TheFatRat

*My videos are made available to the public in hopes of encouraging safe driving practices. Please refrain from identifying any individuals you might recognize in the footage.

*I appreciate all of the recent support my channel has been getting. It has taken a lot of time to bring you weekly compilations so every like and subscription I get provides me with a ton of encouragement.

*If you have any videos from Redding, CA that you would like included in my compilations send me a message and I will be sure you credit you if I use any footage.

*Once again, thank you for watching! Please Like, Share, and Subscribe to help motivate me to make more videos in the future!

**(Please note my video footage is recorded with a Falcon F170 dashcam that features a 170 degree wide angle lens, depth perception is not always available at different distances and angles.)**

*You MAY NOT use this video for your own purposes, you MAY send me a message and we can discuss those types of matters privately.

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