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2009 Chrysler Aspen VCT Hemi. 1/4 Mile Pass.

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Testing a mildly modified, 09 Chrysler Aspen with the variable cam timing Hemi.
Location: Milan Dragway.
Track Conditions: Daytime in November, temperature in the low 50s.

Stock Specs:
5.7L VCT Hemi.
Horsepower: 376 @ 5600. Torque: 401 @ 3600
3:92:1 Axle Ratio. AWD.

Changes/Modifications that were present during this 1/4 mile run:
Raised shift points
Throttle Boost - this makes for better part throttle response but doesn't add any power or torque.
Use of 93 octane fuel - no tune here, just the fuel itself since the engine responds really well to it.
Other than this, there are no actual changes that give the engine additional fuel or air.

Just by coincidence, I happened to line up against a very fast Pontiac G8! Times for both are listed below....

This engine in the Aspen is a truck version of the 5.7L hemi (a slightly de-tuned version of the 09+ Ram engine).

1/4 mile results:
Chrysler Aspen -- 60ft: 2.195, 1/8 ET: 9.477, 1/8 MPH: 75.42, 1/4 ET: 14.79, 1/4 MPH: 91.60

Pontiac G8 -- 60ft: 1.433, 1/8 ET: 6.187, 1/8 MPH: 113.36, 1/4 ET: 9.657, 1/4 MPH: 140.55

The fairly low trap speed relative to my ET is due to the Aspen crossing the traps in it's very tall, third gear ratio of 1.0 and also dealing with the aerodynamics of a steam roller :)

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