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2001 to 2005 Caravan Clock Spring Change Part 1 Dorman 525-101

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Description: Part 1 2002 Caravan Clock Spring Change

For part 2 see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VO1OpThp3js

Hi You Tubers; this video is how I fixed my 2002 Grand Caravan Intermittent/mostly constant dash Airbag Light. Most of the time it was on but occasionally it would go out when I was turning the steering wheel. This is a sure sign that either the clock spring was bad or the wiring in the steering wheel was bad.
This procedure works on the following vehicles:
2001 to 2005 Dodge Caravans and the Chrysler Town & Country’s
or the 2001 to 2003 Plymouth Voyager minivans, per Dorman’s part listing.
As always when working on vehicles: SAFETY IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!
I say this because I cannot control the tools or methods that you may use to accomplish your tasks, so if you do this procedure you do it at your own risk to yourself or those who may come into contact with your vehicle after you perform any maintenance.
This has worked well for me in the past, I’m not a professional mechanic I do this out of necessity to keep my vehicles running safely and within a budget I feel comfortable with.

Tools I used are:
1. 10mm Combination Wrench to remove the Negative Battery Terminal Cable.
2. 14mm Combination Wrench to turn the Wheel Puller stud.
3. Harmonic or Steering Wheel Puller Set.
4. ½” Drive 21mm Deep Socket to pull the Steering Wheel Nut.
5. ½” Drive Ratchet.
6. 6” #2 Phillips Screw Driver to pull the Steering Column Covers.
7. 2 inches of 1/2” wide masking tape to hold the Steering Column Cover screws on the screw driver tip when I went to put them back in.
8. ¼” Drive 10mm Socket, 3” extension and Ratchet to remove the Airbag.

Part used:
- Dorman Clock Spring P/N: 525-101
It can be found on ebay or amazon for about $35.00 as of this posting.
The procedure with take about an hour to an hour and a half if you’ve never done it before.
Thanks for watching. Please give it a thumbs up if it helped or you learned something. If you want to help my channel please subscribe.
Best Wishes n Blessing folks, Keith.

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